T Shirts Untuk Bisnis

T-shirts are one of the most versatile garments out there. They look good on everyone and provide a lot of space for you to incorporate an amazing design. Here are some of the top reasons why you need custom t-shirts for your business.

For Temporary Staff

If you are holding a one-off event or if you have a lot of agency staff working at your business, you may not want to be constantly tracking down uniforms for them to wear. This can be costly for you to outfit both your regular staff and the contractors.

Consider using custom-printed t-shirts as a quick way to ensure your temporary staff look as cohesive and professional as your normal employees. Plus, with personalised garment printing services, you can quickly accommodate any number of new hands in the run-up to your event. It will also leave you with a stockpile you can keep on hand for when you next hold something similar.


Whenever a staff member wears your t-shirts, it is an opportunity for you to implement some free marketing. Whether your employee is travelling to an off-site job or coming to work for the day, if someone sees their shirt then they may be influenced to go look at your website and possibly use your services.

If you also sell the t-shirts as part of your stock, your loyal customers may choose to purchase them. This gives you more free marketing and a chance to grow your client base. Don’t pass up this easy chance to maximise your exposure to both the local area and your potential clients beyond.

Brand Recognition

Tying in with marketing comes brand recognition. With a memorable design on your hands, you will begin to build some recognition for your commercial brand. Finalise significant colours and fonts early in the design process and be sure to carry them forward if you switch up the designs. This means that people will begin to associate these colours and designs with your company. Use this association wisely and you will have many more people seeking you out for your services.

Team Building

Having your staff in the same uniform has been proven to promote a sense of teamwork. It is a great way of making sure everyone feels the same at work and encourages them to work together as a unit. They are comfy to wear and can be adapted for many different situations. It is very easy to dress up or dress down a t-shirt depending on the event the employee will be attending.

As an employer, it also allows you to ensure that your workforce always looks smart and cohesive. To an outsider, a team that looks the same will seem united and ready to take on anything. It can also increase your employee’s confidence and their credibility both in the workplace and on off-site jobs. You want your employees to be the best they can be? A custom-printed t-shirt can help set them on this path, all while increasing their overall job satisfaction.

By imelda