Integrate New Employees

If you have new employees joining your business, then you want to make them feel welcome right away. This will allow you to bring them in and make them feel like a member of the team as soon as possible. You’ll find that this has the potential to increase productivity and also decreases your turnover rate – so it’s well worth your time!

Create a Welcome Pack

Making a welcome pack for new employees will have them fitting in quickly. You can fill this with useful information, like the best places to treat themselves to lunch and the location of amenities. You can also add to this with notebooks, pens and anything else they could use to make things easier for them.

This is a really good way to give information, as well as a few treats too. They won’t have to ask for this information, as they’ll have it to hand. While you’ll still want to conduct a full orientation with them, this is a more casual way to give them something to refer back to.

Small items like sweets and coupons to local places can also be added into this welcome pack. This will make them feel right at home in the office and cared about by the new employer.

Set Up their Workspace

This is also important to get the new employee working and settled in quickly. Having a workspace set up with their own computer profile, emails and the access that they need negates any awkward waiting around. That way, they can just start getting right to work instead of spending time waiting for this to be set up.

You can also invest in name plate etching to make their desk really feel like their own. This makes them feel like a permanent employee and will also make it easier for co-workers to remember their name. This is another item that you could also include in their welcome pack.

Introduce Them

Taking a new employee around the workplace and introducing them to their co-workers can also be helpful. They might not want to barge in or be a bit introverted, so make sure you make these connections. This allows them to start to make connections with other employees, which will make them feel like part of the team.

Conduct Reviews

After the employee has had some time to settle into their new role, it’s a good idea to conduct a review. This allows you to touch base with them on how they are finding the new job and what you could do to help them out. This kind of regular communication is a great way to retain employees, as they can regularly discuss any issues that they may have with you.

You can also use this time to give them feedback and create a two way communication. This can boost their productivity and give them routes for progression.

Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming, so integrate new employees properly if you don’t want to have to recruit on a regular basis.

By imelda